Take Accountability For Your Finances

Take accountability for your finances.

Finances was a rare subject in school, if ever taught. Other than being a hypothetical mathematic problem to solve in math class, there was little to no education on finances.

It’s no wonder majority of the people make up the poor and middle class in this country. Finance education was never a part of our public school’s curriculum. Some speculate that this is purposefully done to create such an economic class structure.

But aside from the conspiracies, what is known is that you can take control of your finances by taking accountability for it. Stop pointing your finger and blaming it on the school’s curriculum, the government, taxes, your parents, work (or lack there of), etc. Take accountability of your own finances. And I’ll tell you this: once you do, you will begin to take control of it and not have it control you!

This is Fundamental Auditing, a knowledge based resource to audit your own personal and/or business finances.

Come back here soon and we’ll have more financial knowledge for you!