“Take account of your accounting.” – Lisa W.

Welcome to Fundamental Auditing! This website and blog is your unique resource and knowledge base on accounting, finance, and investing. Whether you need practical accounting information, frequently asked questions (FAQs), tips, strategies, etc. on accounting for your personal and/or business needs, this is your source.

“But your website is named Fundamental Auditing.”

Yes it is. This website is not geared towards auditors or people who are studying to become auditors. Actually, this website if for those people who are trying to prevent the audits from happening.

How do you prevent audits from happening?

By learning about fundamental accounting, finances, cashflow, etc.

This website is also a source to learn about various financial techniques and strategies to build, create, keep, and grow wealth!

So come back here often to take accountability of your personal (or business) finance and accounting by way of being knowledgable about it.