Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant Book Review

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book Review

Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book is written as a type of extension of the author’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, offering more financial understandings and awareness as well as knowledge from personal experiences of the author himself, still aimed at educating everyone and empowering them to having their funds work for them and not the other way around.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit of this Product?

This book was made for those who would like to change their lives and particularly for people in E and S quadrants. If you are in these quadrants meaning you are a slave to money and want financial freedom.

Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant Review

Book Overview

The Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book is divided into 3 parts:

  • Part One shows the fundamental disparities between individuals in the 4 quadrants. It will also explain why some people sink towards specific quadrants, and most often they get stuck there without knowing it.
  • Part Two is all about change.  It tackles on who you want to become so as to obtain your objectives.
  • Part Three shows how to change to the best part of the Cashflow quadrant. Rich Dad gives the secrets to become thriving as a B or I and aid you select your way to financial freedom.

The Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book is ideal for those who are tired or worn out of being stuck in a nine to five job and want to develop their ways to success as well as financial freedom. It doesn’t have all the details you want however when you are looking for a change, then this may be the best answer. Written by Robert Kiyosaki, all what he want is to make real and substantial wealth, which will not need you to work your years away, you have to gain financial knowledge and handle finances well.

Review: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant

Company owners on this quadrant aren’t the typical small scale company owners, however, those who had years of knowledge and have established their company, making it worth a fix or stable amount. Like for instance, franchise owners belong on this quadrant. If you get to won a renowned and well established brand, it’s like having a company which could run on its own. You haven’t to do a whole lot, for longer time, prior to starting earning your business. Or take those on the real estate venture, theirs is what you could call passive incomes, they earn without doing anything.

The portion of the quadrants is the traders or investors. The Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book shows that there are seven types or levels of being an investor. This book of also come with empowering chapters and steps to developing financial fast track, whereas readers are motivated to follow their intuition and believed that they could gain success when they are smart enough and work harder.


All in all like his previous book, the Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant Book provide advice as well as insights which comes personally from the writer  all aiming to empower and liberate any readers in being financially smart.

Cashflow Quadrant Book Review

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